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"It Was GREAT!"

Wow! we bought some of your Sausage Gravy, it was GREAT! Glad we bought several cans, they are just the right size for two people.

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Wonderful Product

OUTSTANDING, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE TEXAS TAILGATE CHILI!!!  We bought the last 12 cans. Thank you for this wonderful product.

Boone Brands has over 75 years experience in building brand loyalty.  Our brands: Mrs. Fearnow’s Brunswick Stew®, Texas Tailgate®, Patterson’s®, Rose Tripe®, Beverly Bulk Sausage®, Harris She-Crab Soup®, Hilton’s Oyster Stew® are household names that have been purchased and enjoyed by generations of families. Our canned products, including Hot Dog Chili, Brunswick Stew, Sausage Gravy, Oyster Stew, She-Crab Soup, Chipped Beef and Gravy, Specialty Canned Meats, Barbecue Pork and Barbecue Beef have become known as products that consumers trust to become their pantry staples.

Boone Brands, located in Sanford, NC, was founded in 1942 as the Patterson Packing Company, is dedicated to delivering quality and consistency while creating new products through insightful research into the changing tastes of todays consumer.

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